I would hardly call myself a fighting game expert, as it’s not a genre I am into on a deep level (with the exception of Soul Calibur II, which I played in a couple of small tournaments). That said, they can be very fun and suck you in for various reasons. When Injustice: Gods Among Us was released in 2013, I was excited enough to even get the collector’s edition. I beat and enjoyed the main campaign, and even went on to play some of the arcade modes. It was a solid game. Now we have Injustice 2 officially on the way with the release of the announcement trailer. While the trailer does it’s job, I can’t help but feel it was a bit shallow.

Dawn Thy Armor

The first thing that caught my eye in the trailer was The Flash being the living crud out of Superman. This stood out for a few reasons. One, I like The Flash way more than Superman (sorry Mr. Kent). Two, despite what I just said, it’s surprising to me to see this be the case. And lastly, it shows The Flash dawning some new armor which to me hints that the armor is what ensured his victory.

This brings up the one of the two things that the trailer reveals to me that I think is worth noting: Armor. Every character that makes an appearance seems to have a suit, and then shows that suit being covered in armor. This to me implies that armor will hold importance in the game, both from a gameplay and story perspective. I am okay with this as it has potential to be a interesting story and open up some gameplay possibilities.

The other thing that stood out was seeing what looks to be Supergirl. The reason for this is simple: new character. I will note her design does seem to be a bit different than what I would expect (at least in terms of color), but ultimately her being in the trailer tells us we can expect some new playable characters. While it’s not that surprising for this to be the case for a sequel to a fighting game, it does allow to now have the fun job of guessing who else will be revealed as the game comes closer to release.

What is it about?

Here’s where the trailer falls short for me. The narrator (who I’m going to assume is Batman,) talks about “every time he enters the pit” and how that makes him stronger. And… well, that’s about it. The writing doesn’t leave an impact, and I say that having too had to watch the trailer multiple times to get that little bit of info from it. All I was able to see was several of our favorite super heroes fighting each other in armor. While that does leave room for us to speculate and imagine what the game will be about, I can’t help but feel it follows the same beats as a lot of movie / game trailers that try to have a dark edge to it. And more importantly, it doesn’t leave me excited, just a little informed.

So what does this trailer tell us?

Injustice 2 is coming out in 2017. This is an announcement trailer, and it does its job. Does it do it well? I would say it fell short due to it lacking enough information to get me excited. An announcement trailer isn’t there just to say “this is a thing”, it should also get the viewer excited beyond the confirmation that the game is coming. While I’m excited for the concept of a second Injustice game, I can’t say I’m excited for the actual game itself (at least not yet). I hope as time goes on and more information is revealed to the public my excitement will grow, but for now all I took away from this was a sequel to a game I greatly enjoyed is coming in 2017… With armor.

What your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for Injustice 2? Does it makes you want to revisit Injustice: Gods Among Us? Let me know in the comments below!

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